Is it true 

That you 

Have gone human too 

Ignoring the universe 


Simply because

It has seemingly failed you 

And your impatient heart 

When you have requested 

All that you are not yet ready for 

Are you saddened 

By the empty hands you are left with 

When selfishly reaching 

Beyond your limits 

Have you given up

On the alignment 

That is the end result 

Of allowing yourself 

To be still enough 

To reach consciousness 

So that you will become aware

Enough to see 

That nothing 

Is worth 

Becoming human for 


Touch me again 

The way you did 

The very first time our eyes met 

Did you feel 

All that I felt 

It was as if 

All of the fractions of me 

That I never knew existed 

Were simply lifeless

Until your touch

Awakened all of me 

Which I could not awaken on my own

I realize

That I recognized you 

Long before I knew you 

Much like a light 

Being turned on 

For the very first time 

There was more than a spark 

But perhaps

A small notion 

From one soul to the other 


“Well, there you are, I’ve been waiting for you” 

And when my eyes 

Met with yours 

In the quickness of a passing moment 

One I will never forget 

Because I know 

That you too 

Have have had the tired parts of you 

Come alive

Once my hand 

Fell in to yours 

In the most perfect way 

Upon our introduction 

The beginning 

To the story

Of us 


Are you not the least bit curious? 

What lies there 

On the other side of defeat and brokenness 

What lies beyond the darkness that has consumed you 

Are you not wondering? 

What all the future could hold if you decide that now is the time to get up and scream 

Fuck those who have doubted me. Fuck those who think I am selfish, when it is in fact they, who are selfish when expecting I live and love to their satisfaction instead of my own 

Fuck pain and suffering and agony and clinging and resisting 

The time has come 

Where I recognize all I am capable of

My full potential spread out before me like the most beautiful colors saturating the largest canvas 

I see, hear, think, taste, speak, act on purpose 

I am in constant connection with my consciousness 

To be the observer 

To become the witness 

To know that having control 

Is in fact the opposite 

It is understanding that there is nothing at all to control 

It is simply a law, a art

Of attraction 

The trick is to allow yourself to stop clinging to everything 

So that consciousness will accept you 

It will let you in 

With ease

If you surrender 

All you have been conditioned by 

If you believe 

That your life can change

You must simply close your eyes 

Imagine the life you want 

Send out constant vibrations to match the vibrations of what you desire 

And the universe 

Will provide 

All it is you are after 

But you must remember 

At times the things we want the most 

Come to us in much different form than what we imagined 

So we must stay open and receptive 

To the possibility 

That each day 

Each moment 

Is a possibility within itself 


I have come to a comfortable place in knowing that within me, I have the ability to transform each and everything I desire to manifest properly and correctly before me when the time is appropriate 

I do not need to trust in anyone other than myself that each moment is one in which I am able to tap in to the alignment I am constantly establishing between me and my higher self 

My state of consciousness is in such solid form that I am almost able to literally reach out and touch the miracles that are slowly starting to unravel 

I am in the midst of a very intense storm of loved ones that are ill and a undying love I have for someone I have chosen to completely let go while also having a mind blowing, life altering connection with someone who once seemed too far out of reach 

I realize now, however, the reason for these unfoldings 

The inevitability of all I seem to be attracting solely because I am for once, in a constant state of positive vibrations 

Even in this chaos, where many would have given way by now 

I stare blankly in the mirror waiting for a reaction to all of this mess 

I stare and wait 

And I smile 

For I know now how good life truly is, when recognizing that within each disaster lies a reason 

A reminder 

A sign 

That this 

Is all how it is meant to be 

The universe is constantly providing 

It is constantly fast at work 

Doing all it is that is necessary 

To continue paving this road for me 

That is now so narrow 

That alone 

I must walk 

But far off in the distance 

Resting against the horizon 

I see a road 

That stretches 

Just enough 

For me to see

With authenticity 

That I will have enough space

And energy 

On this journey

To invite in another 

Just enough 

That I know with certainty 

I will not be walking alone 

For too much longer 


When is it 

That you will leave behind 

The pride within you 

That keeps you away 

Will you ever see 

That this life

And all of the others 

Before and after 

Are much too short 

To continue going on 

Wasting time this way 

Making fools 

Of love and ourselves 

When it is the two of us 

That should know much better 

Than to ignore the obvious indication 

The signs 

The feeling

The symptoms that come along with distance between two souls destined for togetherness 

When is it 

That you will leave behind 

All of the things 

Keeping you away 

From this 

From us 

From me 

When is it 

You will swallow 

The unpleasant taste 

Of too much pride and fear 

That is lingering in the back of your throat 

As a reminder 

Of all the ways 

You would rather sit silently 

Choking on the thinnest air 

Rather than to say 

That you have had me wrong 

And that I have too 

Had you wrong 

And yet 

Neither one of us 

Care enough to admit 

That we can make this right 

If we were not completely crippled 

By the overwhelming fear 

Of one another 

Yet I ask

When is it 

That you will return home 


Share with me 

The same space again 

I will not beg of you 

Just simply ask

If you would consider


Once again

Just to pay a small glance 

To the very distinct way 

We are one another’s first thought 

Upon waking 

Like the sunrise 


Through dusty blinds 

And dirty curtains 

But still 

Always getting through 

Leaving traces of warm light 

In all of the places 

That were once kissed with the frost 

You shared with me 

When you begged me 

To never leave

This space 

We shared together 

As you were 

Already on your way out 

Yet I ask of you 

To please return 

And make right 

Of all the wrong 

Make light

Of all the dark 

Share with me 

The same space 



I see you there 

Above me like a halo, I could never reach 

So often 

I have wondered what it is like up there, from your point of view 

Is it magical? To see that vibrations and energy are manifesting around the clock to bring unity to things that are missing one another 

To create balance in the universe of those who have balanced themselves

Those that have done the dirty work

The ones who get it 

Much like I do now 

After pain and patience 

After resistance and release 

After brutal breaking points

That led to a kind understanding 

Of life and love 

And the sometimes fucked up way 

The moon rises and says 

“I am giving you many things, all of them, you will love. I will then take from you all of these things when I can see that you have become too attached. In doing so, you will learn lessons through pain, you will grow through the tears that water the garden that I am helping you tend to. Only for a short while. Only when it is clear that you do not need to be up here, sharing the same view, to see the signs and synchronicities that are always right in front of you. Only, until you are able to see that this halo above you is not so far out of reach after all.”


To you, the one 

Whomever you may be

I would like to say far in advance 

That I am already thankful for your energy, I am in constant acknowledgement of the synchronicities that unfold before me 

Reminders, that I am indeed still traveling along the path I am meant for 

And that you will soon meet me somewhere along the way 

But only when the clocks within us strike at the perfect hour, at a time that is in alignment with the stars that we will watch as we walk hand in hand toward each sunrise 

To you, my soul mate 

Wherever you may be

I trust that when we meet, may it be in this life or another, I will recognize you as a perfect reflection of the very soul within me 

I will know that you too understand what it means to love without taming the beast within our hearts 

You will be gentle with your acceptance of my free spirit as I will accept you as you are

With scars and heartless sleeves come doubt and insecurities and I know that the noise of second guessing will settle when the time comes 

To meet you 

To greet you 

To welcome you alongside me

On this journey 

And I will tell you that you can stay but only as long as you wish 

To you, my next partner

Far in advance I say 

How absolutely grateful I am to be on the road to finding you

I can sense within me that you are not very far out of reach


You are already nearby 

Either way 

I would like to say 

The universe is working 

In a quite magical way 


I become centered again 

All that has left me exhausted is now behind me and I always laugh when I think of the many ways that I thrive on my vulnerability to surrender to my emotions 

I am so eager to love that I feel it is present in anyone who is drawn toward me 

I realized how dangerous it is when there is authentic connection between two people that are not quite capable of handling all that comes with it 

I understand through my current situation, the perspective my past lover had on me and my past situation

I know that makes little sense but the point is that with awareness I have come to realize how the unfolding of life happens in ways that are constantly providing you with insight

But you must be looking for it 

You must be present, conscious and aware 

It is difficult when distractions and temptation come hurling in by the handfuls and you are already holding on to too much

The truth is 

In becoming centered, you learn that even when everything around you is in chaos 

You still have the ability to find peace, from within 

You have the ability to love but you must start with yourself 

You have the strength that it takes to get everything you wish for 

All you need is a little faith 


There comes a time when you must quite literally let go of it all

Not just the pain and the heartache and the past and the fear 

But also the potential of anything at all 

The love that may wait

The pain you may or may not suffer along the way 

The soulmate or twin flame you are seeking that may or may not come to join you 

We must let go of thoughts all together 

Not to be left without any at all 

But so they are able to flow freely and gently 

Finding their own space

Creating their own waves 

That should do nothing 

But settle the storms and the seas 

That are keeping you in a state of constant panic and worry of what’s to come 

You must shout at the winds and say 

I am no fool, I will not be moved or shaken by anything. I will not cling to the deck of my ship when the seas are brutal. I understand that I am only able to learn how to properly handle the life of a warrior, by becoming one. I understand that becoming one will take far more than guts and glory, it will take patience and compassion. It will take letting go of all I want, to open up space for all I need. So in turn I can be ready for what I want. It takes constant determination to fight against the odds. To recognize the odds are not odds at all but instead they are negative vibrations we have created within ourselves. So give me the winds and the waves for I am not clinging to this life or any other. Take me, to where I need to be.