To you, the one 

Whomever you may be

I would like to say far in advance 

That I am already thankful for your energy, I am in constant acknowledgement of the synchronicities that unfold before me 

Reminders, that I am indeed still traveling along the path I am meant for 

And that you will soon meet me somewhere along the way 

But only when the clocks within us strike at the perfect hour, at a time that is in alignment with the stars that we will watch as we walk hand in hand toward each sunrise 

To you, my soul mate 

Wherever you may be

I trust that when we meet, may it be in this life or another, I will recognize you as a perfect reflection of the very soul within me 

I will know that you too understand what it means to love without taming the beast within our hearts 

You will be gentle with your acceptance of my free spirit as I will accept you as you are

With scars and heartless sleeves come doubt and insecurities and I know that the noise of second guessing will settle when the time comes 

To meet you 

To greet you 

To welcome you alongside me

On this journey 

And I will tell you that you can stay but only as long as you wish 

To you, my next partner

Far in advance I say 

How absolutely grateful I am to be on the road to finding you

I can sense within me that you are not very far out of reach


You are already nearby 

Either way 

I would like to say 

The universe is working 

In a quite magical way 


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