Take me gently 

Away from all that I am not truly meant for 

Present to me the path

That feels less stagnant than this one

Show to me the one

That could be the very one 

That settles all of this uncertainty 

If I am unaware 

Lost in fantasy and delusion 

Then I beg of you 

Take me gently 

Away from where I am 

If where I am now 

Is not on the road

That is leading me 

To where I should be 

Take me gently

Away from this love 

If it will only prove to be 

Nothing more than these

Daydreams and fantasies 

Take me viciously 

Away from those 

Who only feed me 

Half hearts and half truths 

Because I am starving 

For something wholeheartedly real 

So again I beg the universe 

Take me 

In whatever way you must 


From all that I want the most 

So I am able to see 

Why leaving 

While wanting nothing more than to stay

Is at times the best way 

To see what love is made of 


Do not dare drown in the attachment that so easily follows the heart when it is quickly in the midst of the fall 

Remain aware of how abundantly clear the signs become once you stop searching for them 

Allow consciousness to guide the bones beneath your scars to the depths of the places that your ego fears most 

Stay lighthearted within each unfolding, especially the ones that seem to pain you 

Notice that pain itself has always been the catalyst for the most remarkable amount of self growth and transformation 

Be fearless and untouchable by the emotions that are ever changing within yourself 

Nothing is permanent 

Nothing is guaranteed

Therefore you must rely only on the love you have for yourself 

In turn 

That same love will flow from your pores, quickly inundating all of those around you with warmth and with light and with certainty that you are here to serve only as a beneficial addition to their journey 

That same love will also distinguish when it is time to hold on and when it is time to let go 

The acceptance of impermanence is the acceptance of the path of least resistance 

The path that I am consciously choosing to follow

My only true desire in this life is freedom 

And to perhaps one day share this beautiful life with another 

Who understands the importance of balance and awareness and simple joy 

One who can remain detached from the negativity that is restlessly trying to make its way in 

One who does not fear me at my worst or at my darkest but instead embraces my passion in the process of finding the light that hangs gently in the place where only my best self lingers 

One who is understanding that I am human and I will too make mistakes for I am still evolving and growing and learning along the way 

One who is fearless of my fearlessness 

One who is shape shifting as I am shape shifting to eventually make one remarkable piece 

One who’s soul recognizes mine in a fraction of a glance 

One who laughs with confidence in the midst

Of a sometimes 

Unforgettable fall 


Who is close

But never close enough 


The thread 

That is holding it all together

Is unbearably thin 

And I am fearful 

That the heaviness in my heart 

Will be just enough weight 

To make it give way 

The thread 

That is holding it all together 

Is giving in 

In the similar way

That I did

When caving to the gentle touch

Of limitless possibilities 

But this thread 

That is now separating 

Reminds me 

That now is a better time than ever

To let go of the many things 

That I am not meant to hold on to 

It reminds me 

To let go now 


And completely 

Of you 


Dear Universe 

I ask you kindly to take it easy on these bones from now on

I have grown brittle under the pressure of too much second guessing

I have grown deaf from the screams of my intuition, the ones I oftentimes ignore with blatant disregard 

And here I am asking myself why is it that I am without guidance 

Why is it that I allow so much of myself to become emotionally bare while others remain where they are 

Wallowing in the unhappiness

Allowing the comfort of external force to overshadow anything and everything 

How is it that I often feel as I am the only one here on the road to authentic love and happiness 

One that does not require all the negative emotions 

One that does not tame the wings of anyone but instead encourages flight beyond any boundaries 

Dear Universe 

I understand so much better now

The reason you seem to take things from me that I once felt I loved 

I know there is higher ground 

I know that I can make it there 

But I fear

For my heart

That once I am there

Above it all

I will look out 

In to the sea of people still attempting to make it 

And I know

I will feel a great deal of heaviness in my heart

And dead weight in my bones 

When I see

Her face among those 

Still trying to make it 

And had there been just enough courage 

And time 

And love

Then maybe this would all be very different 

But I know 

That I must

Keep moving 

And marching 

Through all that has let me go 

And through all I am now leaving behind 

To get to higher ground 

Thousands of feet

Above all the things 

That taught me 

That love 

Is just a word 

That sometimes really means 

Let go


I realize how easy it is to grow bitter toward love 

There is great difficulty that lies in the hands that are unwilling to loosen the grip they have on the very things that keep pulling away

I have learned in the process of heartbreak that we tend to subconsciously torture ourselves 

In the desperate moments of trying tirelessly to keep it all together 

In the midst of helplessly attempting to clench together the very seams that the chaos is bursting through 

We neglect the small reminder in life’s unfolding 

Which oftentimes is a small whisper from the depths of our inner guide 

Telling us 

It’s time now to transform

And grow 

In to the beautiful souls we have always been intended for

Surrounded by only those who choose to stay 

Which are and always will be the ones who are meant to be by our side through our journey 

In the eye of the storm 

We cannot forget to take notice 

Of how much more fulfilling this would be 

If the emotions 

That come as the price we pay

Along the way 

To letting go 

Simply became a passerby 

That we only glance at for a brief moment 

Then we are better able to see the very reasons why letting go 

Really means 

Transformation and growth 

Is at our feet

Waiting for us 

To step forth 

In to the life 

We are now meant to live 

But doing so 

Means walking away 

With pride and certainty 

And a great deal of gratitude 

From the life we have been living 

And sometimes loving 

But mostly just existing through 


I blow the dust away

That was left behind

By the person I used to be 


That if done right 

Transformation may take time 

And energy 

And heartache 

And difficulties 

But somewhere out there 

There is someone 

With no dust 

No proof 

Nothing to show 

Only stagnant air 

Filling the lungs 

Of those who are never moved 

By love or by life 

And here I am 

Begging for both 

To have their way with me 

So I can transform 

Again and again 

In to the gentle wind 

Blowing away 

The dust 

And the fragments 

Of what I’ve left behind 


The pounding in my chest 

That I feel upon waking each morning recently 

Reminds me of how it felt 

To be ever so close 

To the one 

That has been keeping me 

At the edge 

Of my seat 


The flames within me 

That are still burning 

Afraid to fade 

In to the darkness 

Where I may or may not see 

That this pounding in my chest

Is that of a heart 

Slowly breaking

At the feet 

Of the one 

I call

My muse 


Within I feel that I am face to face with my intuition 

Having conversations with my consciousness about how to justify the fine line between what is meant to be and what isn’t 

I feel a sense of completion knowing that there are many opportunities that hold vast amounts of potential 

All the while recognizing that everything with potential is not necessarily what will best serve me at this moment 

I know and am fully aware of the fact that I am more open and receptive and overall ready for something magical 

A love

That is not only true to the purest and most raw degree 

But one that requires little adjusting of sails when seas are turbulent 

One that is wholesome and healthy

One that is built on this beautiful foundation of love for the universe that flows freely through both myself and whomever will join me 

I know that I cannot change and mold those whom are presented to me in ways that appear as though they are ill equipped to love me 

When in fact they are already more than enough 

They are ever so worthy of wonderful, magical, beautiful love 

The same kind that I aimlessly search for 

But I am in constant awareness that even those that are seemingly perfect 

Are not always presented at the proper time 

And I feel strongly that this simply means that they are a very, very close image that reflects almost perfectly before me as the one I have been seeking

They are the authentic reminder that the universe will present you with many opportunities for love 

But not all are meant to be unfolded and discovered 

My intuition has been screaming at me 

“Part ways”

She says 

“Part ways, and you will see the reasons for it all on the other side but you must first make it there 

You must first trust in yourself that you cannot settle for those who are settling in ways that prevent them from reaching you 

And you 

You are so worth reaching for

And someone is out there 

On this journey 

Parallel to yours 

And they are reaching out 

Just as you are 

And if you trust in yourself

And your innate abilities 

To be fearless and determined 

If you listen to me 

The voice within 

I will ensure 

All that you are reaching for

Will keep reaching for you 

Until the hand you are meant to hold

Is tightly intertwined in yours

As solid proof 

That your intuition 

Will never fail you 

So sail forth my love 

And you will soon see 

That those sails 

No longer need a single nudge

Because you are always on your way 

To all you that you desire 

No matter how disastrous the tide beneath your ship may seem”


In the darkness

Does the weight of the body you feel 

Laying beside you 

Leave you satisfied 

Are you blissfully sleeping 

Beside the one 

Who frees you 

And sees you 

For the remarkably perfect being you are 

In the darkness

As you reach over 

To rest your skin 

On the skin filling space beside you 

Do you feel safe and secure 

Even though you would rather

Feel wild and free 

When the lights leave you 

And you are settling in 

Do you ever stop to think

That may just be all you are doing 


In waves 

That comfort you 

But never seem to move you 

In quite the way I do