I realize how easy it is to grow bitter toward love 

There is great difficulty that lies in the hands that are unwilling to loosen the grip they have on the very things that keep pulling away

I have learned in the process of heartbreak that we tend to subconsciously torture ourselves 

In the desperate moments of trying tirelessly to keep it all together 

In the midst of helplessly attempting to clench together the very seams that the chaos is bursting through 

We neglect the small reminder in life’s unfolding 

Which oftentimes is a small whisper from the depths of our inner guide 

Telling us 

It’s time now to transform

And grow 

In to the beautiful souls we have always been intended for

Surrounded by only those who choose to stay 

Which are and always will be the ones who are meant to be by our side through our journey 

In the eye of the storm 

We cannot forget to take notice 

Of how much more fulfilling this would be 

If the emotions 

That come as the price we pay

Along the way 

To letting go 

Simply became a passerby 

That we only glance at for a brief moment 

Then we are better able to see the very reasons why letting go 

Really means 

Transformation and growth 

Is at our feet

Waiting for us 

To step forth 

In to the life 

We are now meant to live 

But doing so 

Means walking away 

With pride and certainty 

And a great deal of gratitude 

From the life we have been living 

And sometimes loving 

But mostly just existing through 


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