Can you tell 

That I have been rapidly evolving 

No longer chasing after ghosts and shadows 

No longer accepting less than what I am after 

No longer confused about all it is that I desire 

No longer fearful of the very storms that are watering the once toxic soil I was sprouting from 

I am here and now 

I am present in each moment 

I am filled with love and compassion  for everyone 

Even those who have harmed me 

I understand now that this is my journey 

It is not meant to be understood by everyone 

It is not meant to be appreciated by all 

This is how the herd thins 

When selecting a tribe 

Come to me I say 

Come to me if you are brave 

If you bathe in the blood of all of those you’ve left behind 

If you march ahead with a clear vision because you know where it is you are going 

You know what it is that you are after 

You know what it takes to transform from a gentle lover in to a warrior at the drop of your name from the mouths of monsters you once fed 

Come to me 

If you are free 

In the way I am now 

Dancing in the rain 

Of the storms 

That are initiating my growth 

And guiding my limbs 

And my soul 

Upward toward the sun 

So I can feel warmth where there was once a brutal chill

So I can see light where there once was darkness 

Come to me

So you can see 

The beauty in all storms 


The perception of the mind is hard to fully grasp when stuck in the process that has been made a habit 

Our past tends to embody much more of us than we often realize and it is not until I came to this realization myself that I was truly convinced it was accurate 

Fractions of our minds operate only at the frequency at which it always has 

What I mean is, if there is something seemingly always negative in your life, for instance love, then you will always perceive it to be less than all it could actually be 

Let’s say relationship after relationship, almost lover after almost lover, meaningless fuck after meaningless fuck, the end result has left you in the same position

Tortured, pained, disgusted, apathetic, depressed, utterly and miserably numb 

What a fucking endless and useless cycle right?  

So now this place that you’re in, wallowing in all of the emptiness, in the absence of what once was or what could have been or what should have been 

This place, becomes the very place that you effortlessly go back to when introduced to the potential of love 

This place becomes the minds perception of what love is or what love has always turned out to be 

Because the experiences have come with too many emotions that no one would ever want to return to 

The truth, however, lies only within ourselves 

It is within the fear of pain itself that we are crippled at the thought of things we want desperately to get close to 

Because we are oftentimes not conscious enough of the very fact that there is no single thing in this life that is everlasting 

There is nothing that is permanent 

And within this sometimes rude awakening comes the enlightenment of just how beautiful it is to love

And how the past that has influenced the place that has become a terrible home for our thoughts now quickly falls by the wayside 

When we are awakened to this 

We can see with clarity that what we must solely focus all of our efforts upon is being here and now

Being ever so present that the thoughts do not make their way in to taint the wonderful experience that we are currently living

The emotions become the gusts of wind that ripple through our clothes as a momentary reminder that we are human and we can feel but that does not mean we must suffer when we feel we have lost something valuable to us

Instead it is to enjoy the breeze and all that it may take with it because we are here for a very brief and short visit regardless of what comes and goes 

And we must not let the things we lose along the way define who we are or the paths we take or those we may miss out on

The point is 

Allow yourself to have a open mind, one that is able to have a perception of limitless love and compassion for both the darkness and the light

For an open mind acknowledges that a debate between the head and the heart is the catalyst for transformation of the soul 

Be free, be present, be uplifted, be all it is you want for yourself and give it to those you love while you are here and able 

Those who leave will leave and those who stay, will also eventually have to leave 

Once you accept this 

Once you understand the full meaning behind impermanence 

You are able to love truly, meaningfully, beautifully, deeply

And most importantly, freely 


From where you are standing 

Can you see that I am still stretched completely thin 

Reaching for the unattainable places 

The ones you most likely consider home 

From where you are sitting 

Do you feel beneath you 

The common ground 

That I am searching for 

Ground, that may suffice as solid enough of a foundation

For all of the unspoken words to manifest in to all of the things we’ve been meaning to say 

From where you are lying 

Do you feel the sheets clinging to you in all of the places I once did 

Do you feel the way I feel 

Stretched completely thin 

When tirelessly and aimlessly reaching 

And searching 

For more reasons to stay 

From where you are resting 

Can you see that I am restless

In the process 

Of being forced to walk away 


Take a break now 

Let time be the navigator

Allow space to be the motivation 

For where there is emptiness now

There will one day be 

All of the things you are patiently 

Working toward

And waiting for 

With this 

You know that loss is not losing but instead it is gaining the absence of those who cannot be fully present

Here and now 

And that within itself should be much more of a reward 

Than any short lived satisfaction you may get while on this road 

So let go 

Never be too fearful 

To step back

And start over 

On the path 

Of least resistance 

This is where your dreams 

Will bloom beautifully 

Much like a wild flower 

Growing in a crowd of weeds 

Much like you 

Evolving in to all you will be


Deliver the heartache if it is what I must bare in order to know the difference between right and wrong 

Do not spare me the feeling of misery within distance if distance will prove to be the source that ignites the fire that will burn this confusion away 

Leave me blistered and broken if that is what it will take for me to walk away from all I feel I should now part with 

Have little mercy on me when presenting me with the ugliest of truths 

Do not save me from the things I have been conditioned to fear

Instead I ask for brutal guidance and rude awakenings 

I am ready 

For all that is ready for me 

I am ready 

To walk away from all that will never quite be enough

I am ready 

To face fear and stare in to the face of the obstacles I have long been able to see in my way 

I am ready 

To leave behind all that lacks the very courage required to walk alongside someone as reckless and restless as I have become 

I am ready now 

To truly and completely 

Let it all go

So take from me 

What I want the most 

If it will only ever prove to be

Almost right 

Almost enough

Almost love