Self love 

Allow me to clear from your tainted eyes, the illusion that love has come to be for us all 

If I have ever loved you know that I love you still 

And I will likely continue to do so until this body gives way and it is laid to rest 

This is why the idea 

And the concept of being bound by the restraints of today’s love is not and never will be beneficial or even sought after by a soul like mine 

I am without freedom in a place that others define as love and I can’t help but to feel sympathy for those who are still so confused 

I have learned that love is kind and patient and understanding 

It is acceptance from another and a promise to never tame your wild wings from flight 

It is certainty that the one who is by your side will remain so even when you have fallen in to the darkness again

For love, is a soul that can see in the dark for this is the very place it comes from 

It is the light at the end of the tunnel that often goes unseen by the beholder because it is seemingly too far away 

It is all of the ways your heart has broken to only mend no matter how impossible it once seemed 

It is the tears that have been shed and forgotten because it knows to never dwell in the past 

It is without judgement for the mistakes you may have made because love knows no mistakes 

But instead lessons that were needed for the sake of evolving 

It is the way you can oftentimes see good in those that behave questionably 

For love 

Is just a simple touch 

A gentle reminder 

That we have all been blinded before 

We have all been bent and broken

We have fought in wars and lost ourselves in the process

But we have always come out alive 

And this is because love 

Is still teaching us 

That it starts within 

And until the love of self 

Becomes the greatest one of all 

We will remain broken 

And confused 

And disappointed 

By shamelessly attempting to give 

Something we do not yet have 


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