Here I am without any needs

For the universe has taught me 

That all I am after is already within me 

All that I have ever felt I needed

I am able to provide for myself 

In this constant state of awareness 

I realize the importance of marching onward 

With a slower pace 

With a steady pulse 

With a open mind 

This is how I am able to be free now 

For I am able to witness 

The ways in which we all are 

And how and why it may be 

That some of us are still confused 

Blinded by the perception of self 

Attempting to make sense of the ego 

When instead we should let go of the very culprit that is home to our fear, anger and panic 

Let go 

So the curtain may lift 

So the blinds may open

So the doors may unlock 

So you are able to go forth 

With compassion

With acceptance 

With happiness and freedom

Go forth 

With your consciousness 

Let it take your reluctant hands 

And guide you to this place 

Where the entirety of the universe 

Makes perfect sense 

Where you see that any and all people

No matter how different or difficult to understand

Are all here and now in this moment

Waiting to teach you something 

Every day when your eyes open for the first time 

Pay a great deal of gratitude to this life 

And to the soul within you 

For allowing another rebirth 

For allowing the opportunity 

To wake to a new day 

With a fresh set of eyes 

To make something new

Of yourself and the world around you 

Now is the time to notice 

That everything is perfect 

Even when trapped in darkness 

And everything is well on its way 

To give you exactly what it is you need the most

But it is up to you to find 

That all of this 

The entire universe 

Is already within reach

Look within yourself

And you will find 

That nothing else is required 

Other than tuning in 

And becoming aligned 

With our inner guide 

Our intuition 

Our consciousness 

Let go of all you think you may know 

Release the identity you’ve given yourself

For it is conditioned by false perception 

Be free enough 

To live without worry now 

Because it is easy to see 

The ways the ego 

Plays tricks on us 

To keep us heading in the wrong direction 

Or to keep us weighed down with bitterness and doubt


The potential that becomes unlocked

When allowing yourself 

To walk away from yourself 

And all that you think you know 

For it is likely 

That you know very little yet 

And your own ruler 

Is waiting patiently

To be heard 

So tune in 

And leave out 

All of the whispers 

That are lacing you with doubt 


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