Reflecting on the last 30 days I have found the meaning behind the curse of truth 

To have exposed so much of myself at once to my own self leaves me level headed and aligned with all that I am and all that I am not

I see how things come to be before they come to be 

I understand the answers to questions that have not yet been asked 

I see the fright and insecurities of the many around me and how easy it would be for me to return to this same state 

But within my last true encounter with all that truly is, I vowed to the universe within me that I would stay true and that I would accept all that is and resist making excuses for everything that has not been beneficial 

For all that has not been here in my best interest has taught me the difference in being in tune with my inner guide and neglecting the gift of intuition 

All that has not been positive has shifted my perspective to see the beauty in all terrible things 

For in the terrible things I found that there is light and love in all of us 

But some of us will always be too easily terrified of death or true love or anything that has the ability to shake us and change us and force us, with unforgivable might, in the very direction we are sometimes reluctant to travel 

The point I have come be most comfortable with in this life is that at times, it is terribly bittersweet to be able to see so much truth in all of the things we once had false illusions of 

It is terribly bittersweet to see the fruition of the reality that some things we see and are certain of, are only just ideas we have made up in our mind due to the false perception that has been created by experiences that we saw only through the lens of lust or superficial love 

It is terribly bittersweet to see only human in those we once thought were in alignment with their souls 


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