The way

At times when I start to become lost in too many (sometimes negative) emotions, I remind myself of this view 

I go back to when, in one tiny moment, I was able to acknowledge and understand with clarity, the way we are all one 

The way this life is far larger of a concept than we could ever possibly begin to imagine, the way we all know what it is to feel pain and suffering in our own way but for some reason act as though our pain and suffering is greater than that of others 

The way we tend to forget that all heartache is felt the exact same way, it is what pains us and shakes us that we are different because perception is personal, it is not a shared lens 

The way we may not learn the first time, so we lean toward the fire a final time, just to see if maybe this time we avoid the burn 

The way, it feels to be awakened and enlightened in a split second 

The way I know we have all felt at one time or another 

Yet the way, we fail to integrate the spectacular view of awakening, in to our every day lives 


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