June stares at me with angry eyes

For she is almost half way gone yet I have not made a mess of things the way I usually do 

Maybe she knows that May came to me with frantic hands, destined to be held and I had little to no hesitation filling the space in her sweaty palms

For April came and went too quickly, yet I still smell her in the air from time to time 

A sweet reminder that another year will come and she will always come around to age me once more until this life has had enough of celebrating my reckless soul 

Because March showed me that recklessness is almost key when approaching the crossroads of transformation 

February provided me with the utmost strength and though I have since been weak I have never broken again the way I did back then

And for this I am most grateful 

January I fell in love and she has shamed me for it ever since 

And thus the catalyst for June’s anger 

For she has tested me to see what I am made of

And so far 

I am made of wholesomeness 

I am made of fright 

I am made of consciousness 

I am made of light 

Even when months come 

And seasons go 

I am evolving 


In to someone 

You can never truly know 

For I am ever changing

In the madness 

Of the certainty

That often comes 

With having once been 



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