The kind 

I think that I may be in love 

The kind that is unexpected and terrifying and vulnerable and gentle and exciting and free

The kind that allows you to see the world through your best set of eyes 

With the clearest of vision 

The kind that reminds you that this feeling inside your chest and your bones that has been in a coma for much too long has finally been awakened 

The kind that allows you to see yourself from a new perspective because your are whole and you are alive and you are well and you are happy and you are loved and you are grateful 

The kind that we search aimlessly for and never come to find 

The kind that has now taught me that the reason we never come to find it is because we hardly ever look first, within ourselves for all it is we desire 

The kind of remarkably, extraordinary and liberating love that I have now 

With no one

But the one person I know with certainty deserves it 



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